Dark Hulk Poster (2002)

Drak Hulk

This is by far the coolest poster I have.  The Hulk is drawn by Deodato Jr. who, as you can see, had improved through-out his run into making the Hulk scary, large and intimidating.  This was a poster sent to comic shops to display on there walls, but a great man named Bill, (not the friend Bill) who worked at a comic shop I frequented, always gave me free Hulk things.  Whenever he had something he would non-chalantley say “Oh, yeah, and they sent me this thing to put up, but if you want it you can have it.”  I would squeal with delight and then kick my feet in the air.  He would throw his head back and laugh and then a pretty, pretty rainbow would appear in the sky.  True story.

2 responses to “Dark Hulk Poster (2002)

  1. isn’t that mike deodato jr.?

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