Mecha Hulk (2004)

Mecha Hulk 

This mutha of a figure comes with a little Gremlin figure as well.  This figure is so big and heavy if you were to throw it at someone I bet it would make them cry.  Even an older man.  Like a 50 year old.  He wouldn’t have time to get mad – he would be too busy crying and trying to stop the bleeding.  Yeah, it would make him bleed too.

All these figures from 2004 are pretty rare.  They are some of the best Hulk figures out there and I still haven’t even posted the coolest ones yet.  If you have the chance pick these up today. 

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10 thoughts on “Mecha Hulk (2004)

  1. Have you loose this figure? Everyone has this figure says that this one’s wonderful even one is not a Hulk lover. I had thought of buying this one but I also heard some people say that it has so heavy body that it’s hard for its legs to support his weight so I gave up getting this figure. After getting the Hulkbuster Iron Man, I started to think about whether getting Mecha Hulk again cuz I think I still love Hulk more(or his important foes). What opinion will you advice me?

  2. I think you should get this figure – I don’t have it loose – I keep most of mine in the package – but I think this figure is worth getting.

    Just my advice!!!!!

      1. You should have followed the link and bought the figure from there for much less – but now it is gone. Nothing on this site is for sale.

  3. what i wanna know is what’s the mecha-hulk’s story? is he a robot or just a suit of robotic armor that’s operated by the gargoyle?

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