Universal Studios Hulk Shirts (1999/2001)

Transforming Hulk Shirt

I think the Hulk ride is possibly the best rollercoaster there is.  From the very start where they shoot you up the hill that you think you are just going to climb slowly – even to the line that you wait in – a mock labratory where the Hulk was created – just a great rollercoaster from beginning to end.  These are a couple of the shirts I picked up while I was there.

Cover Shirt

5 responses to “Universal Studios Hulk Shirts (1999/2001)

  1. the Incredulous Hulk-man


  2. the t-shirt is really nice…i havent been to universal studios, do they still have the hulk ride there? I’ll be going this July and im really looking forward to going on that specific ride!

  3. Im gonna bring EXTRA money to buy t-shirts

  4. At the end of the ride there was this T shirt that I wanted SO bad…I dont know why I didnt get it then, but I have been looking for it ever since online somewhere…Black T shirt, stick figures on a roller coaster, says “I’m A Screamer” on it…have any idea where I can find that?

    • @ Chellej68: Yeah, you’re talking about a black shirt with weird stick figures on a fake yellow caution sign and red print, right? Yeah, as far as I know, the only place that sells those around the Islands in Orlando is the Hulk cart.

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