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Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)


Yes, when the Hulk movie was out Entertainment Weekly had him on the cover – and without missing a beat MAD magazine did a spoof (there was an alternative cover that I did not pick up – it was just the Hulk smashing the MAD letters) But the best one in the collecton is the French magazine.  I went to France in 2002 and it was at the same tie that this issue hit the stands – what were the odds of that?  Well, nedless to say, since I don’t speak french I have no idea whate this magazine says or why the Hulk is on the front – but it’s still cool.

Hulk Candy Bar (2001)

Candy Bar

This was on top of another candy bar wrapper.  It was very wise to put the Hulk with the Peanut Butter and Chocolate bar – because both are the best of their respective kinds. I truly believe if all candy bars had a fight that the peanut butter and chocolate bars would come out victorious.    

Hulk vs. Quasimodo (1982)


Couldn’t they think of anyone else that Hulk would fight?  Quasimodo?  That’s like fighting a cripple isn’t it?  Hulk is used to fighting entire armies with tanks and guns – is a shut-in with a posture problem really going to give him a fight for his money?  Ridiculous.

Mr. Fixit 2 (2004)

Hulk Fixit 2

This representation of Fixit blows away the ’96 version.  This figure not onl comes with a tommy gun but a real cloth coat and removable hat.  The clothes are all torn up underneath and the expression on his face is right on.  This is the best Grey Fixit Hulk figure ever made – now all that is left is for them to do a green version of Fixit – like in Kewon’s Hulk #395 & 396.

Hulk Shirt 9 (1999)

hulks hirt 9

The subtlety of this shirt is what appeals to me.  I don’t like wearing shirts with huge advertisements and huge loud colors – so this shirt is perfect.  Classy almost.  Wait… not almost – I meant really classy.  I like the fact that it says Est. 1962 – for the year the Hulk was first published.

Hulk/Pitt poster (1999)


Keown drew about maybe 6 issues of PITT.  It was… actually it didn’t even have time to build up anything besides alot of hype.  It looked cool though.  So, when Keown needed money again he returned to his only 2 real lucrative properties and drew them together.  The story wasn’t really memorable – seeing as I can’t really recall it – but the illustrations were top-notch.

Popcorn Tin (2003)

popcorn tin

I don’t like popcorn – and I really don’t like flavored popcorn – but that’s okay because my friend Bill got this for me one year – and I just dumped out all of the popcorn and kept the tin.  It is currently filled with about 150 superballs.  Seriously.  I buy superballs, have my fun with them, and then they all go in this tin.  I think something’s wrong with me.