Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)

Yes, when the Hulk movie was out Entertainment Weekly had him on the cover – and without missing a beat MAD magazine did a spoof (there was an alternative cover that I did not pick up – it was just the Hulk smashing the MAD letters) But the best one in the collecton is theContinue reading “Hulk Appearences in Magazines (2002/2003)”

Hulk/Pitt poster (1999)

Keown drew about maybe 6 issues of PITT.  It was… actually it didn’t even have time to build up anything besides alot of hype.  It looked cool though.  So, when Keown needed money again he returned to his only 2 real lucrative properties and drew them together.  The story wasn’t really memorable – seeing asContinue reading “Hulk/Pitt poster (1999)”