Hulk/Pitt poster (1999)


Keown drew about maybe 6 issues of PITT.  It was… actually it didn’t even have time to build up anything besides alot of hype.  It looked cool though.  So, when Keown needed money again he returned to his only 2 real lucrative properties and drew them together.  The story wasn’t really memorable – seeing as I can’t really recall it – but the illustrations were top-notch.

7 responses to “Hulk/Pitt poster (1999)

  1. I also have this same poster… keep it for quite some times…i wonder how much i can sell it.

  2. are you selling this poster? and if so how much is it?

  3. I am not selling it – but glad you liked it!

  4. I love this poster. I have been looking for it everywere but can’t seem to find it..

  5. no hulk did’nt win well they both pretty much said ummmm see ya who cares and #### you

    but its my favorite hulk vs. fight comic

  6. its a very good fight comic

    Hulk pissed off very piss lol

    and still does not kill Pitt he does hurt him and so does Pitt to Hulk its a impossible fight they are both very very strong

    Hulk can mess up Abomination bad I mean bad when hes pissed off but hulk can not do it to Pitt and Hulk gets piss at him

    I love both the characters Pitt great comics and hulk great comics

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