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Incredible Hulk 5 & 102 (1962/1968)


These are the oldest Hulk comics I own.  Hulk #5 may looked a little bit jacked up – but that’s because… it is.  A mint copy goes for thousands – and my friend Corry bought this for me on my birthday years ago.  This is one of the crown jewels of my collection.  #102 I bought at New England Comics in Brockton, probably the same year.  There was no 101 – it was Tales to Astonish before that because Hulk was cancelled.  I will show you some of those later.  As much as I like the figures and posters, t-shirts and other items I have in my collection – the comics are my first love.  Always will be.

Hulk Model 2 (1990)

Model 2

This model is not only a little easier to put together – also I think it looks better than the other one I posted.  I like the look of this models face too.  The best thing about the models is that you can make it the grey or green Hulk  which-ever is your favorite.  I would paint this one green. 

Hulk Mask (1994)


When I was working at Toys R Us I found this in the breakroom.  No idea where it came from, no idea what it went to – if there was a whole costume that went with it – who knows?  I saw it and took it home to live with me.  I tried to wear it – but it’s too small.

Wizard / Toyfare Covers (1997 – present)

 Wizard Covers

Wizard is a magazine about comics and what’s going on in the comic community.  Hulk has graced the cover a few times – and I have them all.  I think I have them all.  Here is a small smapling of those covers.  The Homer Hulk is pretty cheesy, true, but still funny.

Hulk vs. Wolverine Shirt (1997)

Shirt 10

The entire Hulk fan population (which, some of my friends say consists of just me) rejoiced when Adam Kubert took over the pencils of the Incredible Hulk comic.  Course, that also meant that he was going to be a bit slower than regular artists – more guests artists inbetween regular story issues – but this was the first cover that he presented to us – and it was awesome.  So we forgot about any of those other negatives.

Hulk Helicopter Poster (1998)

poster heli

This is my all time favorite poster – and I really can’t explain why.  I think the poster tells a story with one picture though…  The Hulk tearing the door off the helicopter – the blonde woman inside – Hulk holding on to the helicopter in mid-air the other ‘copter chasing after them shooting at… something.  Even the painting style is different and cool.  Two thumbs way up!

The Abomination 2 (2004)

abom 2

This extremely rare figure is a great rendition of the Hulk’s #1 enemy… in strength.  This figure doesn’t even compare to the Legends figure – but that’s okay – it has its own charm.  The accessory is a giant missle.  Ummm… okay.