Incredible Hulk 5 & 102 (1962/1968)

These are the oldest Hulk comics I own.  Hulk #5 may looked a little bit jacked up – but that’s because… it is.  A mint copy goes for thousands – and my friend Corry bought this for me on my birthday years ago.  This is one of the crown jewels of my collection.  #102 IContinue reading “Incredible Hulk 5 & 102 (1962/1968)”

Wizard / Toyfare Covers (1997 – present)

  Wizard is a magazine about comics and what’s going on in the comic community.  Hulk has graced the cover a few times – and I have them all.  I think I have them all.  Here is a small smapling of those covers.  The Homer Hulk is pretty cheesy, true, but still funny.

Hulk vs. Wolverine Shirt (1997)

The entire Hulk fan population (which, some of my friends say consists of just me) rejoiced when Adam Kubert took over the pencils of the Incredible Hulk comic.  Course, that also meant that he was going to be a bit slower than regular artists – more guests artists inbetween regular story issues – but thisContinue reading “Hulk vs. Wolverine Shirt (1997)”

Hulk Helicopter Poster (1998)

This is my all time favorite poster – and I really can’t explain why.  I think the poster tells a story with one picture though…  The Hulk tearing the door off the helicopter – the blonde woman inside – Hulk holding on to the helicopter in mid-air the other ‘copter chasing after them shooting at… something. Continue reading “Hulk Helicopter Poster (1998)”