Hulk Helicopter Poster (1998)

poster heli

This is my all time favorite poster – and I really can’t explain why.  I think the poster tells a story with one picture though…  The Hulk tearing the door off the helicopter – the blonde woman inside – Hulk holding on to the helicopter in mid-air the other ‘copter chasing after them shooting at… something.  Even the painting style is different and cool.  Two thumbs way up!

6 responses to “Hulk Helicopter Poster (1998)

  1. I don’t like it I think he’s way too skinny

    • Just won this poster on E-Bay. When I first saw
      this poster in 98 my reaction was exactly the
      same as Hulk-Man. I thought he was way too
      skinny also so I didn’t buy it. But it grew on me when I saw the poster on this site a few months ago
      and began searching E-Bay for it. Soon it will be
      mine ! I think I like it because it is Hulk kicking
      foreign military ass. Those look like Hind D
      Russian gunships possibly in Afghanistan. I
      still think he’s a little too skinny though.

  2. I won’t argue that point – skinny he may be – but I still love it!

  3. Wow! I had this poster in the 90’s. Thanks for bringing back some memories — now if I could only find another!

  4. MEN! I tried to find this poster since 90’s. I saw it in a comic shop, but I can bought it in this time, and you know the rest. Someone could tell me any reference about the artist or where can buy it? Or give a very good picture of it… PLEASE!!!

  5. I had this poster in the 90’s loved it.
    I found your site while trying to find the artist.
    I think it was Christopher something…

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