Daily Archives: November 7, 2007

Hulk Record 2 (1978)

Record 22

This full length album features 4 stories with the Hulk.  I have two copies of this – one unopened and the other has been opened and listened to.  Many times.  The Names of the stories are “Blind Alley” “Monster from the Deep” “The Assassin” and “Black Chasm”  My favorite is “The Assassin” 

UPDATE:  If you click on the image you will be brought to a site where you can listen to EACH story!  Have fun!

Hulk Shirt 12 (1998)

Smash Shirt

This Hulk shirt is a little too flamboyant for me… the bright green – the Hulk’s hair even looks styled that intentional messy.  All the business going on behind him – This is my least favorite shirt.

Transformation Poster (1998)

Transformation poster

I think this image ran the gamete in ’98 cause they put it on everything – think I’m kidding?  I have a Hulk tie with this image on it.  I will post it later.  But this Hulk Poster is still a cool piece.

Play Town Spiderman and Hulk (2007)

 Play Twon

I really can’t help myself!  Look at these guys!  Granted Spiderman looks a bit funky with the weird half – helmet looking thing on his head.  But the little green Hulk is just awesome!  How would anyone in Play Town be afraid with these 2 running around?

Hulk Half Dollar (2003)

Hulk Half Dollar

I found this in Taunton at a little store called Collectable Corner.  It was disgusting inside – and I have no idea how I actually found this in there.  My Hulk radar must’ve been working that day.  It was a pretty good find anyways.  This is an actual half dollar that has the Hulk printed over JFK.  Technically, they say you could spend it – but I doubt anyone would take this as real currency. 

Hulk Movie Figures (2003)

Movie Hulks

I didn’t really care much for these – for one – they all looked the same.  I didn’t bother getting the other terrible figures either, Bruce Banner, David Banner, The Hulk Dog.  Maybe someday I will pick them up if I see them for cheap – but I just wasn’t impressed with the lookof any of these figures.  These are the only 3 that I have.

Hulk Bike Shirt (1998)

bike shirt

This really tight, really unflattering shirt is one of my favorites.  because you wear this when riding your bike – the shirt sticks right to your body.  This is the front of the shirt – while the back is a wider view of the Hulk’s whole body.