Hulk Movie Figures (2003)

Movie Hulks

I didn’t really care much for these – for one – they all looked the same.  I didn’t bother getting the other terrible figures either, Bruce Banner, David Banner, The Hulk Dog.  Maybe someday I will pick them up if I see them for cheap – but I just wasn’t impressed with the lookof any of these figures.  These are the only 3 that I have.

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5 thoughts on “Hulk Movie Figures (2003)

  1. Mainly, it was at a time when the market was suddenly flooded with Hulk merchandise. The problem is is that there was too much stuff and none of it was done very well.
    The New Hulk toys are more comic hulk like – so I like them more because of that – but the David Banner figure was terrible. Absorbing Man as Banner’s father? No thank you – Id like to forget that that ever happened.

  2. No. Half Life can’t take on the properties of other things – Absorbing Man does. Half Life wasn’t even in very much of the comics to really make a movie villian.

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