Daily Archives: November 8, 2007

Action Figure News and Toy Review (1996)


This magazine shows you everything that’s coming out.  Seeing the Hulk displayed on the cover like that – it mine as well have been Kathy Ireland on the cover of the swimsuit issue.  I was drooling over it.

Game Pieces and Heroclix (2001/2007)


These little guys are what I use as my card holders when I play poker.  I know they’ve made a ton of Hulk Heroclix.  But alot of them run for insane amounts of money considering how small they are.  I can either get one of these that’s 2 inches tall – or get an Original Mego figure.  I predict this game will go the route of D&D and, in the future, people will be selling their whole collection for $1.00 

Incredible Hulk # 125 (1970)


This is a great cover to the Hulk with the first appearance in his comic of a great foe – The Absorbing man.  I have one of the figures made of this villain – the other is a bit expensive and I’m waiting for the price to go down.  It does that sometimes.  I really like this book though.  In it, Creel (The Absorbing Man), actually beats the Hulk.  This was the one and only time he did.  Still, I like that sometimes the Hulk loses.  Even though he is the strongest one there is – sometimes muscles isn’t enough.

Hulk Monster Car (1999)

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels brought you this little treasure.  The Monster part of this car is obviously in the wheels.  Found this in a random box that once held one of my Hulk statues.  I looked in there for no reason and found a few hidden items.  I’m so crafty.

Hulk Shirt 15 (1997)

shirt 15

This is the cover to Marvel Adventures Presents #1, Starring the Hulk.  Kind of a silly picture to make into a shirt, but I bought it anyways.

Revamp poster (1999)

Byrne poster

This is right around the time when Hulk was revamped and started over at #1.  It really is too bad that they did that.  Hulk was well into the 400’s when they started the numbering all over – they did that to alot of comics at this time.  #1’s sold alot better than continuing comics.  But all this did was disrupt the true, loyal fans collection.  They also took out the “Incredible” part of the title.  It was back in by issue 9.  Starting over a comic was a cheap gimmick that alot of people fell for.  Hulk became a huge seller… for a few issues.  It was really just a waste of time.  But the poster is really cool. 

Remote Control Car (2002)

Remote Car

Out of the box and played with MANY times.  I love remote controlled cars and I love it even more when it features the green goliath!  This is a tough little toy made by Tyco.