Game Pieces and Heroclix (2001/2007)

These little guys are what I use as my card holders when I play poker.  I know they’ve made a ton of Hulk Heroclix.  But alot of them run for insane amounts of money considering how small they are.  I can either get one of these that’s 2 inches tall – or get an Original MegoContinue reading “Game Pieces and Heroclix (2001/2007)”

Incredible Hulk # 125 (1970)

This is a great cover to the Hulk with the first appearance in his comic of a great foe – The Absorbing man.  I have one of the figures made of this villain – the other is a bit expensive and I’m waiting for the price to go down.  It does that sometimes.  I reallyContinue reading “Incredible Hulk # 125 (1970)”

Jack Hammer Hulk (2005)

  This item is a really bad incarnation of the Hulk.  Not because of the cute factor of this toy – because Hulk would never work construction!  I bet he has a goverment job too!  Bull!  Hulk would never work for the goverment!  Not until they at least stoped funding the Hulkbuster part of theContinue reading “Jack Hammer Hulk (2005)”