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Hulk Puzzle (2003)

Hulk Puzzle

I have a few of these.  The new movie – dropping June 13th, 2008 – will undoubtedly bring more stuff.  But this isn’t bad – to see how bad the marketing got with the last movie check out the link on the side of the page that says “Lean Green Marketing Machine”  I think I have 3 different Puzzles like this.  The first one I came across in my collection, I thought “It’s way too silly to put up” then, I came across another and still refused to post it.  It’s when I came across yet another that I finally succumbed to posting it.  It was like the vessel in Reaper – just popped up everywhere.  Almost creepy like.  The others are more of the same – not exactly this pose – slightly different.  If I start running out of things to post I will put them up.

Huge Comics (1974)

Huge Comics

These comics are just what I said… huge.  normal comics are smaller than regular sheet of paper and these comics are bigger than a coffee table book.  The one on the right where Hulk is fighting a giant flying woman – yeah, that’s Betty Banner, at the time Betty Talbot, who, a hundred comics or so later, will marry Bruce Banner.  She was turned into the Harpy for this issue – but don’t worry – she got better. (Say that last part with an English accent – it’s funnier that way)  I don’t really understand the gimmick behind these but that’s fine.  I only have these two, bought at Chris’ Comics in Marshfield.  Not sure how many they made of these – If you have any idea, let me know.

Hulk Birthay Cards (2006)

bday cards

I recieved, not one, but two of these cards for my birthday last year!  The image is not my favorite bit I like that people bought them for me.  My In-Laws and my friend Keith and his family.


If you google “Hulk” and go to Images this is the first image to come up…

This comes up, followed by your lunch.