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Advertising Hulk Posters (1998)


There was a time – and that time was 1998 – where Hulk was so popular that he was awarded with a second title called the Rampaging Hulk.  See the picture underneath for the comic.  It was supposed to be more kid-friendly and feature the mindless Hulk destroying a bunch of army tanks and such.  You know – like the good old days.  The poster shows a kid with a tiny Hulk in his glasses, maybe he’s yelling, but he could be yawning – I have no idea – but the tag-line is “Believing is Seeing”  Ummm… What?  Worst tag-line ever. 

The other poster is a advertisement for Wizard #80 that featured a Wolverine vs. Hulk cover.  Can we get over this already?  Hulk would detroy Wolverine in a fight!  And has! Look here.

Rampaging Hulk Comic

Hulk Shirt 16 (1997)


This shirt was done by Deodato Jr.  While he always has a unique style Deodato’s illustrations got better the longer he stayed with the Hulk.  A fun bit of triva about Deodato – He’s from Brazil and is fond of people who misspell his name – like I did the first hundred times I posted about his illustrations!  Whoops – I’m an idiot. 

Look at the links at the side of the page for a new link about the Artists who’ve graced the Hulk with their talents.

And because I feel bad about misspelling his name so much on this site I’ll also include this link to a cool interview done with Deodato.