Hulk Shirt 16 (1997)


This shirt was done by Deodato Jr.  While he always has a unique style Deodato’s illustrations got better the longer he stayed with the Hulk.  A fun bit of triva about Deodato – He’s from Brazil and is fond of people who misspell his name – like I did the first hundred times I posted about his illustrations!  Whoops – I’m an idiot. 

Look at the links at the side of the page for a new link about the Artists who’ve graced the Hulk with their talents.

And because I feel bad about misspelling his name so much on this site I’ll also include this link to a cool interview done with Deodato.

Published by ratchet

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2 thoughts on “Hulk Shirt 16 (1997)

  1. Sincerely and respectfully…………… would you consider selling this shirt…………….

    Thank you – Donny

  2. Hey Ratchet………….. I know I’ve contacted you before about that Deodato Hulk shirt……….. I can’t blame you for not wanting to sell it. However I do have another proposition for you to consider………. as of now…….. 3/27, there is a shirt just like yours on ebay – it looks to be in real good condition for its age – however it is a size X-Large……….. a bit too big for me. I would only need a med. to large size at the most………….. an XL would just look a bit foolish on me. I was wondering if your shirt was a size med. to large & you agreed to it………… I would pruchase the XL shirt off ebay & then we could swap shirts. I would even compensate you a little for your troubles. here’s a link to the ebay shirt………..

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