Daily Archives: November 12, 2007



So, I forgot my camera at my friends house this weekend and susequently can’t post anything new until I have it back.  If you are looking for new stuff – check back next week when I have regained ownership of my camera.  I just got in some really cool new items including Hulk Cologne!  Seriously, Hulk Cologne. 

But also – there’s about 200 posts on here with a ton of Hulk stuff to look at!  Check that stuff out – leave a few comments!  I adore and respond to most comments!

And, one last thing, the blogroll on the side of the page are really great Hulk sites that you should check out – just added is PETER DAVID’S blog, that’s right!  The writer of the Hulk for a good decade or so – his blog!  Check that out too.  It takes hours and hours of searching the web to find this crap to show you guys!  Least you can do is enjoy it!

– Ratchet