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World War Hulk #5 out Today!


This is the ending to the whole series here – I hope it’s worth it, because up until last issue it’s been moving at a snail’s pace.  Seriously, did it have take 4 comics, 3 spin-off comics with a least 4 issues in each, 6 crossover comics (including his own title) for him to gather up each hero and have them unwillingly slap each other around for his amusement?  I hope this last issue really makes up for the others.  Here’s to hoping…

UPDATE! (SPOILERS): Alright so I just finished the issue… now, The Hulk, on the verge of killing Iron Man (which I personally thought would’ve been the ballsiest move ever) through Mr. Fantastic stopped at the last minute.  The two waring factions were arguing that they knew the Hulk better and Rick Jones was saying that he knew Hulk would never kill anyone.  Then they brought in the made up character from a few years ago – made up in the fact that they said he was a forgotten character from the 60’s and he wasn’t – The Sentry, they had a pretty cool brawl, that lasted almost the entire issue.  The Hulk was beating Sentry to a pulp and the Sentry was doing some major damage to the Hulk.  The fight ends with Bruce Banner getting the last punch in before Robert Reynolds (The Sentry) dropped dead.  Well, seemingly dead.  

With Bruce there Miek went crazy and speared Rick Jones (actually trying to spear Banner but Jones saved him… yet again).  At this point Hulk starts beating Miek to bits.  Miek confesses that he saw them plant the bomb on Hulk’s ship that killed off everyone on Sakaar.  He knew it would remind Hulk of what he was – he sacrificed millions of souls to let Hulk make an end.  I think this was a cop-out on Marvel’s side because now they can say that the heroes never really killed anyone – except they are still guilty of tricking Hulk into space and trying to desert him on a desolate planet!  Hulk, really angry now, screams at the heroes that he will hate them forever – that none of it would’ve happened if not for them.  (which is true) Sending shock waves around the world Hulk tells Stark to “Do it!  Before I break the World!”  (Again, making Stark the hero when most of this was his fault from the start)  Then Stark hits Hulk with a laser that disintegrates the Hulk, leaving only Banner, who now seems dead, lying in a crater.  Shield takes Banner away and puts him three miles below the Mojave Desert.  Inside a coffin type container Bruce Banner lies there and then closes his eyes.  There is also a extra special surprise at the end that you will have to read the comic if you want to see…

Issue – *** out of 5 / Series gets a * out of 5 though – took long and drawn out.  Should’ve had way more action than it did.  Saved all the action for the end.  Too easy of an ending.  Needed more of a twist but had none really.  No one care when real villian is exposed. 

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

Also, as much as I like Jeph Loeb’s writing on his Batman (Long Halloween), Daredevil Yellow, and Hulk Gray, this new monthly Hulk comic seems to stepping out on the wrong foot.  They are turning him red.  Red?  That’s a bit gimmicky – they seem to be resorting to gimmicks to sell this book rather than selling it on the story involved.  I can think of worse artists than Ed McGuinness so I’m not too worried about the artwork -but I don’t have high hopes for this comic if they have to start out by turning the Hulk a new color just to get some controversy and sales.  Boo.  Boo to you Loeb.  You’re better than this cheap publicity.