Hulk Cards (1992/1994/1996)

Hulk Cards

These are a few “other” cards I have  I have a few sets of Hulk cards that I will post, but these are a few that are worth noting.  The Marvel Masterpiece was one of the coolest images of the HUlk to date in 1992.  The terrible Hulk vs. Wolverine card doesn’t even look they are fighting, it looks like Hulk is asking Wolverine if he has body odor.  The last is a power card from ’94 that I won in a random auction on ebay.

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5 thoughts on “Hulk Cards (1992/1994/1996)

  1. The Hulk card on the bottom……..which one is it out of 9?………..i have the 5th out of 9……….does it have any value to it?……..and if so where would i go to find out???

  2. Hey nice collection. I have the 5/9 for the bottom one. Which one do u have? Where do you find out the value of the card?

  3. I have the 5th out of 9 as well – I think the “5” only means that its the 5th out of the series of 9 – not that there are only 9 in the world.

    And no, I don’t think it has any value.

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