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Hulk Light Switch Cover (1999)

Light Switch

This is a custom Hulk Light Switch cover made from an image to the cover of Incredible Hulk #112.  I bought this off ebay many, many years ago.  I like this mainly because I think it’s very unique and has alot of character!  It’s also perfect for the Hulk room that I will start building once I move.  I will keep you posted on that…

Red Hulk Predictions!


I know that alot of people are throwing around a ton of rumors and theories about the new Red Hulk debuting in January.  I thought I would tell you some of my theories…

#1 – Red Hulk isn’t Banner – yes, this isn’t a new theory, many people have already posted this thought, but I have a theory on who the new Hulk will be!  Ready for it?  It’s… the Kool-Aid guy on steroids!  Well?  It looks like it doesn’t it? “OOHHHH YEAH!!!”

#2 – Red Hulk will have a heart attack in the first issue – Look at the size of those friggin’ veins on the side of his neck and chest!  They’re huge!  They’re ready to pop!  Looks like someone is having circulation problems – hence, the heart attack.

#3 – Red Hulk will have a harder time hiding – Green Hulk could camouflage himself in the woods, any kind of nature really, the Grey Hulk, since he only came out at night anyways, could hide in the shadows – where the heck is the Red Hulk going to hide?  In a vat of Cherry Jello?  Mmmmm… Jello.

#4 – Red Hulk will change only when tummy is really full – Okay, look at that picture – Hulk doesn’t look jacked, he looks fat.  Now they’ve already done the whole anger thing and turning when night fall approaches thing, so this time I think the person changes when he gets really full – like, full to the point that you start accusing the food that you ate for the way you feel – it’s at this point that Red Hulk will emerge so that there will be room for more food in his tummy.  “Hulk want Bloomin’ Onion! Extra Bloomin’!”

Those are the theories I have come up with – Let me know your thoughts on this upcoming Red Hulk – what are your theories?


Mego Hulk on UNPUNCHED Card (1974)

Mego 8 inch OC

As you will notice with this item – The Hulk figure is still on the original card!  This is not that easy to acquire and, look closer, you will see that the card is unpunched!  I don’t this this really adds in the value of the item, the card condition, but I think that’s pretty sweet.   I know of an even rarer card that these Megos came on (it has just Spiderman and the Hulk on the card front) this is the American Mego card version.  A jewel of the collection. 

Hulk Smash Tank Mug (1989)

Hulk Mug Tank 

I like this mug because it tells a little story with it.  The Hulk is throwing this boulder at the tank.  Maybe the tank attacked first – but we can only assume that.  Maybe the person in the tank told an off-color joke about his mother and Hulk can’t have that – so hence, the boulder.  There has to be at the very least 6 different reasons for Hulk to throw that boulder at the tank.  Just come up with your favorite and go with it…