Daily Archives: November 20, 2007

Hulk Shower Set (1991)

Shower Set 

This is one of the most disturbing Hulk things I own.  The Hulk Shower set, complete with a Hulk head that you can affix onto your shower head so that it looks like the Hulk is actually spitting the water out of his mouth at you rather than you taking a relaxing hot shower of water.  Why not?  What’s more relaxing than the thought of someone projectile vomiting their liquid all over your body?  Also comes with Hulk shampoo.  Hulk shampoos? 

“Lather, rinse, repeat.  Repeat?  It not say how many times Hulk should repeat the lather and rinse part!  AAAUUURRRGH!  Why eveyone always trying to confuse Hulk!  How many times I repeat!!!!!!”

Hulk Movie (2003)

Hulk Movie ang

Speaking of the Hulk movie – this here is my copy.  I thought I’d post it because it is in my collection, even though it really isn’t that impressive or anything.  But for the record, even though there was definite room for improvement, I really liked it.  Thought Bana was a bad choice and Nolte was a bit over the top but still very enjoyable.

Hulk Hot Wheels (1976)


This little guy is from the year of my birth.  I’d like to think that if I was old enough to drive in 1976, and had a van, that it would’ve had a spoiler like this one does.  Cause a spoiler on a van makes perfect sense.  Spoilers = cool, Minivan with a Hulk painted on the side = really cool, Minivan with a Hulk painted on the side that also has a spoiler = swimming in hooch!  Take my word on it.  I’m an expert when it comes to the ladies.

New Hulk Movie Photo!


The Movie gets here on June 13th – but a new photo, provided by SuperHeroHype.com, is too cool to ignore.  Click here for the link.