Daily Archives: November 21, 2007

Hulk Activity Box Set (1978)

Hulk Crosswords

The activity box set contains 4 wordsearch and crossword puzzle books.  That is activity to the tenth degree!  They do all have to do with the Hulk – but still – Activity box set?  someone made this seem alot better than it actually is.

Essential Hulk Volumes 1-4 (1999)

Hulk Trades

Each trade here contains about 30 comics in each.  The only draw back to them is that they are all in black and white – so if you want to see the comics in their original color – don’t buy these.  They are up to collecting volume 4 which has 143 – 170.

Hulk Tie (1998)

Hulk Tie 

I don’t wear ties.  I don’t even know how to tie a tie.  My wife does it for me.  I love that she can tie a tie.  It’s why I married her.  Not really though.  The image on the tie was also on a poster that I posted.  Bought this at New England Comics in Brockton.

Original Art Work (2007)

Original 1

I’m not that good at superheroes – I know – my style is more cartoony.  I can’t help myself some times though… and this is what ends up coming out.  Make all the comments you’d like, I can take it.  I like the way Banner came out though… the full drawing was too big to scan but Banner has a – whole – nother shoe that I drew.