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Have a Hulky Thanksgiving!!!

“Hulk here!  Hulk had tough week.  Hulk is thankful he did not soil pants in fight with Sentry!  That be embarrassing!  And smelly!  Hulk like turkey!  What the hell!?!?  Green gravy?  Hulk must’ve done something wrong…”

The Incredible Hulk #111 – The Final Issue (2007)

Incredible Hulk #111

My hopes is that Marvel will realize that Hercules can’t carry his own book.  That this is just a temporary re-titling.  Because – if you didn’t hear yet – starting with #112 the book formerly known as The Incredible Hulk will now be The Incredible Hercules.  What Marvel is saying right now, this change is a permanent one.  As far as #111…

(SPOILERS) I thought this issue could’ve had a ton more Hulk in it seeing as this was his last book.  Instead they still focused on Hercules and the crew – Amadeus Cho being the only one to still believe Hulk is going to come out of this a hero – fighting the good fight behind the scenes.  The demon, Zom, that Strange used to try and take the Hulk out is released and then occupies the Hulk Buster outfit that Stark tried to use to take the Hulk out.  No one, including Hercules, Namora or Angel, are strong enough to stop the suit, so that leaves Cho to take the suit out using his smarts.  Cho forces the Zom infected suit underground. 

Zom tunnels toward a nuke in the Chelsea S.HI.E.L.D. armory and while Herc and Namora are holding up a beam that could make New York City crumble, were they to let it go, Angle flies Cho toward the armory.  Cho comes up with a plan as the Sentry and Hulk fight it out in the city.  Cho says that the Hulk will take care of Sentry and save New York.  Then, just as Zom is about to get to the nuke Amadeus Cho lands near Zom and as Zom infects Cho Angel knocks him out with one kick to the head.  Wong opens the Amphora (the vessel that houses Zom) and captures him.

Just as everything is ending well the team comes out of the underground tunnel to see the Hulk ready to destroy the world.  Amadeus, the one person who believed in the Hulk the whole time now realizes that the Hulk has enough strength and anger to do it.  Everyone watches as the laser beam from the satellite takes Hulk out.  Cho sits near the crater that houses Banner and as Hercules says that Cho saved all of his friends he replies with “Not all of them.”

** out of 5 – not enough Hulk, as I said, and even though it bookends the World War Hulk and Incredible Hulk cross-over nicely, it still ends with out a real bang.  Maybe I’m just bitter that they would give Hulk’s book away to such a second-rate character like Hercules, but after years of the Hulk being hot and cold with sales – they (supposedly) kill him off when he’s never been hotter, or more fun to read.

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