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Wizard Posters (1992/1998)

Wizard Posters 

Some posters that Wizard used to include with your purchase of their magazine.  Now they give you nothing.  Wizard used to give really cheap exclusive figures and great posters like these – now you get just the magazine!  What kind of crap is that?

Sam Keith did the poster on the left – Adam Kubert did the one on the left – and I’m not sure who did the one on the bottom – all I know is that it’s better than mine.

The Incredible Hulk (1978)

Hulk Book

This book reprints some of the older Hulk Books.  I can’t tell which ones exactly but the Leader’s first appearance is in here and Hulk’s origin, although the Hulk has been re-colored to green rather than his initial grey.  No wonder why so many non-Hulk fans are confused when they see a grey Hulk.  The response is always the same – “I thought the Hulk was green.”  Then you have to explain it to them (and secretly feel sorry for them).  Such a hassle.  And it’s books like these that are responsible!

Both a Introduction and Epilogue by Stan Lee are included.