Marvel Super-Heroes Card Game (1978)

Marvel Card Game

This is kind of like “Go Fish” except that if you have the Doctor Doom card at the end – you’re the loser.  I have never been stuck with the Doom card at the end – because I’m crafty.  Craftly like a snake!  Wait – are snakes crafty? 

7 responses to “Marvel Super-Heroes Card Game (1978)

  1. Hi, my husband remembers playing this as a child. Now, we have two boys, who are huge comic fans. Can you give me some tips on how to find a copy of this game? I’ve been searching online and can’t find a complete set for sale. Thanks!

  2. Ratchet, I actually have this game.. I was wondering if you knew if it was worth anything?

  3. I have the game, found it in the closet today. Checking to see how much it is worth.

  4. my husband has the complete marvel comics super heroes card game..How much is it worth in original box with all 39 cards in tact??

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