What If… (1980-Current)

What if… 

These are a few of the What If… comics that Marvel put out that star the Hulk.  The better stories are the “What if Wolverine Killed the Hulk” and What if Hulk Killed Wolverine”.  I find it funny that one of the early What If’s is a What if Rick Jones Became the Hulk, when in actual continuity of the comic – Rick Jones falls into a nutrient bath and becomes a Hulk himself.  Rick is cured in the regular comic by the Grey Hulk and the Leader.  I liked What If stories but they started getting stale.  They would’ve worked better if they only put them out when they had a story to tell… kind of like they do now!

One response to “What If… (1980-Current)

  1. send for me all stores of the hulk

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