12 Inch Hulk (2004)

12 inch 2004

This guy was released when the Hulk Classics line was – but they didn’t release them in the states.  If they did – no one knew about it – I got mine from Canada.  This sculpt and figure surpasses the movie 12 inch figures in every way!  This is the Gamma Rage Hulk (mouth closed/grinding teeth) there is a varinat figure that I don’t own that has his mouth open.  I thought that it was pretty standard as Hulk figures go – and since I already had this one I opted not to get the other one.  Maybe I will go back and see if I can pick the other one up but I think this unique Hulk pose is worth getting.  If you have to get one – get this one.

6 responses to “12 Inch Hulk (2004)

  1. I really like these … you’re slipping bro … you know you need both versions!

  2. I’ve recently been thinking the same thing!

  3. im in canada…..where in canada did you get this??

    • I actually bought this off ebay – I’ve only visited Canada once and it was to see my beloved Red Sox play…

  4. Did you know there were 2 versions? The other had Blue pants and was screaming in rage.
    These are rom the end of the TOY BIZ run with Marvel. Roto-cast Wolverine came out too, and hit the States, he had a Masked and non Masked head sculpt.For ROtocasts the Wolverine was reallyarticulate.
    Hope this helps.

    • Helps? I already said in the post that there are 2 versions… dude, are you even reading these or are you just commenting?

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