Hulk Sliding Puzzle (1978)

As you can see, it says “Super Brain Teaser” at the top of the package.  Isn’t it funny that Hulk is giving you a Super Brain Teaser?  If you gave Hulk a Super Brain Teaser he’d just get mad and rip off your head and say something like “Hulk got your brian teaser right here! Continue reading “Hulk Sliding Puzzle (1978)”

Good Toys Gone Bad!!!!!!

These bootlegs of real action figures are just shameful.  I do not own these – these are from a website full of knock off toys – click here to see the site.  I can’t decide which is worse though – the purple pants and purple feet Hulk or the Hulk in blue underwear with blue knees andContinue reading “Good Toys Gone Bad!!!!!!”

Hulk: Gray Wall Bust (2005)

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Hulk: Gray comic brought mixed reviews.  Some liked it, some hated it but no one really loved it.  I liked it, just for the record.  But this wall plaque is really cool.  It looks as though the Hulk is busting right through your wall.  It’s not very big – aboutContinue reading “Hulk: Gray Wall Bust (2005)”