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Hulk Sliding Puzzle (1978)

Sliding Puzzle

As you can see, it says “Super Brain Teaser” at the top of the package.  Isn’t it funny that Hulk is giving you a Super Brain Teaser?  If you gave Hulk a Super Brain Teaser he’d just get mad and rip off your head and say something like “Hulk got your brian teaser right here!  How you like that, bitch!”  Or something like that.

“Hulk 6″ Marvel Legends” Line for 2008!

This link here will bring you to a page that has the annoncement – although it doesn’t say what characters will actually be in the line – it does confirm it!

Good Toys Gone Bad!!!!!!

These bootlegs of real action figures are just shameful.  I do not own these – these are from a website full of knock off toys – click here to see the site.  I can’t decide which is worse though – the purple pants and purple feet Hulk or the Hulk in blue underwear with blue knees and blue feet.  What the hell happened here?  I own the entire “Smash and Crash” line and I can’t recall these Hulks… maybe that’s because these monstrosities are cheap knock-offs.  Goodness, what a shame.  I feel for any child who wakes up Christmas morning and found these things under their tree.

Hulk: Gray Wall Bust (2005)

Wall Bust

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Hulk: Gray comic brought mixed reviews.  Some liked it, some hated it but no one really loved it.  I liked it, just for the record.  But this wall plaque is really cool.  It looks as though the Hulk is busting right through your wall.  It’s not very big – about 8″ – and the sculpt for his face is a unique choice, (makes him look a bit constipated, like, you are wondering just what’s happening on the other side of the wall) but all together, this is a great piece.  The scuplt does capture Sale’s artwork really well, and this piece, #369 out of 1000, does make a Hulk statue collection complete. 

Wall Bust 2

Hulk Hands (2004)

Hulk Hands

What self-respecting Hulk fan didn’t go out and buy these hands right away?  These are the coolest Hulk item to come out in a long time.  They later made the same product for the Fantastic Four movie that came out (they were Thing hands – how queer – who really wants to be the Thing?)  But these are great because when you hit them together or you hit your sister in the face they make a growling sound, a raging Hulk sound, or they say “Hulk Smash!” and them grumble.  A perfect 10 for a collectible. 

Red Hulk Figures – Custom Made!

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There are a few Red Hulk figures up for sale on ebay right now. Go here for the link. Some are really well done – others are… really not.