Hulk: Gray Wall Bust (2005)

Wall Bust

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Hulk: Gray comic brought mixed reviews.  Some liked it, some hated it but no one really loved it.  I liked it, just for the record.  But this wall plaque is really cool.  It looks as though the Hulk is busting right through your wall.  It’s not very big – about 8″ – and the sculpt for his face is a unique choice, (makes him look a bit constipated, like, you are wondering just what’s happening on the other side of the wall) but all together, this is a great piece.  The scuplt does capture Sale’s artwork really well, and this piece, #369 out of 1000, does make a Hulk statue collection complete. 

Wall Bust 2

4 responses to “Hulk: Gray Wall Bust (2005)

  1. Maybe he is constipated but took a laxative and now that it’s kicked in…wouldn’t you know it-the Abomination is on the crapper. The Hulk, now very angry decides his only course of action is to charge through the bathroom wall. If this theory holds any water I’d like to see the sculpt of the Abomination with his pants around his ankles and the NY Times on his lap with a surprised/scared look on his face.

  2. I just scored one of these for $15 on Ebay, his arm had snapped off when he arrived but good old super glue and a green paint job fixed him right up.
    Did they produce these in green orginally ?.

  3. took your first picture and used it as there image for what you’re getting. You’re just getting around the ‘net aren’t you?

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