Hulk Hands (2004)

Hulk Hands

What self-respecting Hulk fan didn’t go out and buy these hands right away?  These are the coolest Hulk item to come out in a long time.  They later made the same product for the Fantastic Four movie that came out (they were Thing hands – how queer – who really wants to be the Thing?)  But these are great because when you hit them together or you hit your sister in the face they make a growling sound, a raging Hulk sound, or they say “Hulk Smash!” and them grumble.  A perfect 10 for a collectible. 

6 responses to “Hulk Hands (2004)

  1. How much are you selling hulk hands for?

  2. I would like to get a price on Hulk Hands

  3. nothing on my site is for sale…

  4. Hi!
    Your hulk site is very cool and I was doing some research about the hands..
    Turns out that the Hulk hands you have are the first version made by toy biz at the time of the Hulk movie.
    Now they make a different version with no sounds and no wrists.
    I have been trying to find a way to get cool ones like you have. So if you know or can ask that would be awesome.
    Have a hulk day man..


  5. Hi!

    I’m considering finally buying the original Hulk Hands. Do you know if the first “open” box contains the same ones as the sealed second edition (I’m talking about the 2003-2004 hands) or do they have slight differences (color maybe?)

    Hope you’ll see this comment. Thanks 🙂

  6. The first Hulk hands that I’m aware of came out in 2003 with the first movie with the next set not showing up until 2008 and they were completely cloth.

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