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Hulk Bobble Head Pen (2003)

bobble head pen

Let’s combine the worst toy in the world (the bobble head) with a useful item like a pen!  The rubble and rocks are a pen holder, which is nice to have.  Now you can have this little set on your desk and still feel like it’s a grown-up thing to have.  It’s true.

Hulk Trades (1996, 1998)

Hulk Trades w 

The Ground Zero trade I just got finished reading again.  What a great story, It has everything, even a surprise ending.  And that’s not easy in comics. 

The Beauty and the Behemoth trade covers some of the life and times of Betty Banner.  From when Bruce and Betty first met to when she was turned into the Harpy, when they got married, when she told the Hulk about the baby, when they were reunited and of course when she died.  Really complete. 

The Transformations covers alot of the ongoing changes the Hulk has made over the years, such as, in issue #3 after Bruce returns from space he learns that he can stay the Hulk in the daylight (unlike the first couple of issues where he only changed at night) and then when Bruce Banner was in control of the Hulk and had to use a ray gun to change himself back and forth.  My favorite scene is when Bruce tries to change into the Hulk but the ray only changes his body – not his head – so he has to wear a Hulk mask.  Another great transformation covered here is when Banner and Hulk were successfully separated and Doc Sampson tried to get rid of the Hulk.  Then they found out that the Hulk and Bruce can’t live without each other, so the next step was to put them back – and that’s when the Grey Hulk returns.  Some other great stories are included as well.

Lastly, Ghost of the Past, the return of Hulk’s greatest enemy – The Leader – this story is a great one that Pitts Hulk against The Leader who has now turned the Redeemer into Gen. Ross – Betty’s father.  Great stuff.