I Knew It!

Red Hulkw

Well, well – it seems I have unlocked the mystery to this whole Red Hulk thing!

6 responses to “I Knew It!

  1. Its Doc Samson as the Red Hulk

  2. I do believe you are right…

  3. Steven B. Rogers

    And since Red Hulk is a hot topic, I think it’s Doc Samson(#1 choice) or General Ross(#2 choice). Samson because he misteriously disappeared when Red Hulk attacked the Helicarrier. And when he faught She-Hulk, he reminded her he could kill her anytime he wanted. In the first issue, She-Hulk taunted Samson, saying he could never hurt her. Ross is my 2nd choice for two reasons. One, I heard about some early artwork leaked of Red Hulk with a mustache. And he’d also have motivations for kill the Abomination. He killed his daughter, Betty. Ratchet, tell me what you think.

  4. I think you’re pretty on the money. Samson is a lot of people’s first choice – and Ross is pretty likely as well – although now people are thinking it may be Blonsky – but that makes no sense to me at all since he killed the Abomination in the first issue. Of course that’s what everyone THINKS happened. We will all know pretty soon.

  5. Listhen u are all wrong the RULK is really Hulk? because Hulk is unique his cell or other Half was released during WWH at the end when he battled Sentry. Remember Hulk does have an evil personality….Think about it.

  6. Hulk-Man(always on)

    I was going to post the video with this on hulkspace….

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