Rubber Figure (1978)

rubber figure 

This little guy doesn’t have much “Action” to him – but what he lacks in action he makes up in character.  Look at that face!  What is he thinking?  What was the maker of this toy thinking?  It’s made of pure rubber and was made in Hong Kong.  It reminds me of Gumby on steroids.  “Hulk smash Pokey!”

Stupid horse.

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6 thoughts on “Rubber Figure (1978)

  1. I bet this is the one I had. I can’t remember what it looked like exactly but it’s about the right age. I tried to stretch it like you would a Strecth Armstrong and pulled his headoff. Seems I did find one of Hulk’s weaknesses.

  2. Man! That is one of my favorite childhood toys. I remember that I got it the summer that my parents got divorced and the Hulk smashed lots of stuff in my fantasies that year! The toy had a very distinctive smell to it. Funny how you remember little things like that 35 years later.

  3. Hi I recently found one of these, a large one though.. I collect Jigglers, among other things.. and I’ve seen 3” and 5” Vic’s Novelty hulks here and there, and in my years I’ve never came across the one I now have, which is 10” high.. has a date of ‘78 as well as the Marvel Comics Group on it.. I have some friends in the jiggler Facebook community and one who’s been collecting for 30 years and doesn’t have nor seen this one.. I keep hearing of the 3 sizes and they can only speak of the two smaller sizes.. it’s a mystery.. one person claims to have had one from Universal in late 70s..

    Anyway I have a bunch of pictures if you’re interested or if you know anything about this.. again it’s 10”, double the size of the largest one on eBay, or in sold listings.

    Thanks, Brian


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