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Captain Universe/Incredible Hulk #1 (2006)


So apparently, when given the uni-power of Captain Universe, the Hulk turns blue.  This is the second and only other time Blue Hulk has appeared in a comic.  When wielding the uni-power Hulk has almost a sixth sense.  His pants also turn white.  I’m not really sure why.  But with the Red Hulk fast approaching I thought showing the other Blue Hulk was quite appropriate.

Maisto Humvee (2004)


Maisto made this bland Humvee.  The paint job is all white with an ugly image of the Hulk on the top and Caution Tape surrounding RRAAAGRR on the side.  I know it’s not a great picture – you really can’t see the Humvee at all – and if i even remotely liked this piece I would’ve taken a better picture – Someone gave this to me for free – but it’s so bland and forgettable – in fact, I forgot what I was describing half-way through this blog.  You could’ve said “Tell me more about your Scooby slippers”  And I would’ve replied “Yeah, so my Scooby slippers…” because I totally have no feelings other than boredom with this toy.

Ummm… Part 2

There could be a simple explanation for this – there also could not be.  But doesn’t it look like the man on the right plunged his walking stick deep inside the guy dressed in the Hulk costume – and is now looking for a high five?

Red Hulk #1 – Keown Variant

variant red hulk 

NEW Hulk #1 variant by Dale Keown.  Right now Dynamic Forces is selling this book signed by the man himself for $15.00.  Click on the image to get to the link.  Get it if you like variants – get it if you love Hulk.

Update: If you didn’t get it when I told you about it you now have to pay double what it was – it’s still selling, luckily, bit it’s now $29.99.  But it looks damn good!

Hulk Video Games (2003/2005)

Game Cube Games

I liked the “Ultimate Destruction” game much more than the game based on the Hulk movie.  My favorite part of the movie game is when you are Bruce Banner and you have to try to stop from becoming the Hulk – like when you have to sneak through a kennel full of Hulk dogs and try not to wake them up… good times, good times.