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Hulk Trades 2 (1986/1998/2003)

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The Wolverine Battles The Incredible Hulk book tells the entire sad story of the first time Wolverine messed with the Hulk.  Sad, not because of Wolverine’s interference, but because the story is actually about Wendigo and his sister’s plan to cure Wendigo of his curse.  The plan gets out of control and the end is a very romantisized but sad and sweet ending. 

The movie adaptation is written by Peter David – the man himself. 

“Chillers” is a story magazine, not a comic book, it has a few pictures – but mostly it’s written word.

Marvel Legends Die Cast Hulk (2007)

die cast 2

This little guy was found in Brockton last Friday.  I think my heart skipped a beat as I looked through the row of other metal figures and then saw the Hulk.  I’ve been searching for this little guy since I found out about his existence – and being proned to searching everywhere else BEFORE I get it off ebay – I was almost at the end of my searching.  This is a better mold than the other little metal Hulk figure I showed you.  More detail and a little bigger – plus it comes with it’s very own display stand.  Even the packaging is cooler.