Daily Archives: December 5, 2007

Hulk Pocket Mego (1974)

pocket mego 

These little guys came out in the ’70’s.  This would’ve been great in the ’80’s though because then you could have G.I. Joe facing off against the Marvel superheroes.  I’m not saying who would win – but it begins with an “H” and ends with a “Take that little army beeotches!  Boo Yah!  Hulk Bad!  Hulk Know it!”

The card behind the figure is the original card – although really messed up – still cool to have.  A-thank you!

Hulk Magnets (1997/1999/2002/2003)

hulk magnets

I have some of these from friends.  The sun began to fade them so I moved them to the side of the fridge where the sun can’t touch them.  Ha-ha Sun! It’s: Me=1 Sun=0. 

Wizard Posters 3 (2004)


These are more Wizard posters.  I think it’s appropriate to show these now – the new Hulk artist has a poster in this lot – the upper right hand corner is his handy work.  The painting with Thor is better – but my favorite is obviously the close up of the eye – that is why it’s front and center. 

Metal Sign (2007)

metal sign

This sign was bought at Newbury Comics in Kingston.  Found at a mall.  I like how they make this sign look really old by chipping off paint here and there and rusting the edges.  Reminds me of those jeans that people used to buy – the ones that already had holes made in them and looked all jacked up – people are morons!  They will buy anything!  Already ruined jeans – for like $80 too!  At least this sign was only $10.