Daily Archives: December 6, 2007

Upcoming Marvel Legends Line…

Here’s what I found out about the new ML Hulk Line coming out soon.  See all the pictures of the upcoming line here.  It looks as though they are mainly focusing on Planet Hulk characters rather than a classic or movie line.  I was hoping for a real kick-ass Leader figure.  Or at least a Betty Banner figure (which they’ve never made).  But lucky for us they do seem to be including a Son of Hulk figure.  Ugh.

Boo… Bad Desicion.

Isn’t it enough that they are turning the Hulk red – but this monstrocity is also coming out in 2008.  The unborn child of Hulk was apparently so far along in the pregnancy – it didn’t matter that his mother was disintergrated into nothing when that bomb went off – Hulk’s son has survived!  And hear’s to hoping that it’s actually fun to read – because from what it looks like – it seems we’re revisiting 1999 and the Marvel 2099 line just came out.  Anyone remember Ravage 2099?  How about Spiderman 2099?  or Hulk 2099?  Not ringing a bell yet?  Shocker.