Incredible Hulk #182 (1974)


This comic is the third appearance ever of Wolverine.  The first pages conclude the story that started in #180 where Hulk was facing off against Wendigo and the Canadian government sent in Wolverine to get the situation under control.  Unfortunately, for Wolverine, he failed and they took him out of there by helicopter.  In this issue you get to meet Cracka-Jack Johnson (I love that name!) a gentle old man who takes the Hulk in and shows him kindness.  You also get to meet his son – “Hammer” Jackson, who has just escaped from prison and is chained to Johnny Anvil.  The two happen by an alien who they inadvertently save and the alien gives them super-powers that work through the chain that they are connected by. 

This issue is chock full of greatness, not only was it drawn by the great Herb Trimpe, but it has Wolverine (if you’re into that sort of thing), and even a great story, where Cracka-Jack Johnson eventually dies.  And for the first time Hulk is distraught over losing a friend.  Also, as an added bonus – Hulk learns to write!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk #182 (1974)

  1. This is great to have a blog site just for The Hulk! I have quite a collection of comic books to inventory and came across this same one today – the one you feature here Incredible Hulk #181 (1974)!
    I’m way impressed with the entire blog site that you have here so I think I’ll provide a link to it on my blog – with the story I wrote today about collecting comic books.

  2. Chris Like!

    I have always recalled this issue fondly because
    in it Hulk found (and sadly lost) a real friend.

    I prized this issue way above the one before it…
    …yes, all heart no brain….just like Hulk!

    Take care, and thanks for supporting the green guy. (I cannot adjust to red, gray, or blue yet)

  3. I love this issue as well! It’s very under-rated. Wait, you can’t adjust to the grey Hulk? He started out Grey!

    But yeah, the jury’s still out on the Red…

  4. I first read this issue about four years ago online. It almost brought me to tears. lol. Who can hold back tears when the hulk buries a friend, then has the wherewithal to phonetically write an inscription, with his fingers, on the tombstone of his fallen friend. One word….”Classic”…

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