Hulk Vinyl Figure (1991)

1991 vinyl

This huge figure stands 15 inches tall and seems to be modeled after the Kirby Hulk.  This is such a great piece – too bad they wasted it on a vinyl figure.  I think this would’ve made a great statue. 

Trying to find this figure nowadays is like trying to find the prize in the cereal box before your mother comes down the stairs and gives it to your crying brother.  They seem to have all disappeared.  So, even though mine is slightly distorted (you might notice that the waist does not fit snuggly together) I am still very happy to have it.

13 responses to “Hulk Vinyl Figure (1991)

  1. This is by far one of my favorite Hulk figures…I’ve owned a few, but always upgrading from one to the next…

  2. Yup – it’s one of the best! Classic style – classic look.

  3. compare it to the marvel legends “first appearance” green hulk in the marvel legends section to this one

  4. This one is better

  5. Presents company put these out and had a Marvel and DC range that included Spiderman, Joker, Batman Robin and SUPERMAN.

  6. Hello! I too love this piece and have been trying to acquire one for ages – is there any chance you would publish more views of it (back, side, etc?) I just found your site while looking for images of this 15″ vinyl Jack Kirby beauty…great stuff!


    • Luigi – I never do this because this site isn’t for selling things – but I have an extra one of these – if you want to buy it off of me – you are more than welcome to – just email me at

  7. Awesome piece. Wish I could find one. It has become my “white whale” as I own just about every other Hulk action figure there is. How on earth did you find two? Very impressive.

    • Hey Matt, I’ve seen it on ebay every now and again, you should check there, I think there is one up right now, I wanna say the user was SuzeSells2014.

      • Matt Mitchell

        Thanks, I was able to pick one up not too long after I posted. Glad I did as that one on eBay right now is starting at $350. Ouch!

  8. I have one in brand new condition and looking to sell. what would be a fair price value of this figure?

    • I bought mine in September of 2013 for $100 plus $10 shipping. I wouldn’t think you would have any problem getting at least that much today.

  9. One just posted to eBay! Let the war begin!!

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