Teaser Movie Poster (2003)


I have this original movie poster – but the one that they used for the movie itself looks exactly the same.  It’s such a shame too – I know they were trying to keep the Hulk’s look a secret until the movie came out – but this image was just terrible. 

The poster looks like it’s saying “Talk to Hulk’s hand, cause Hulk’s face ain’t listening!”

I hate when he does that.   

3 responses to “Teaser Movie Poster (2003)

  1. What do u give for the hulk movie ratchet?(wat grade?)i give it a B

  2. This Hulk Movie, I gave it a B-

  3. Is this poster made from vinyl?
    Because I own a promotional copy of the vinyl poster from Wal-Mart that’s 58.5″ by 117″ :3

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