Daily Archives: December 21, 2007

Hard Hero Hulk Statue (2007)


My wife got home today carrying a huge box inside.  She knew I was waiting for this statue to arrive and she asked me if this was a Christmas present.  I said “To myself, yes!” and as I was about to grab the box from her she said “Then you can’t have until Christmas.”  The events that unfolded after her statement are a bit unclear as I flew into a wild uncontrollable rage and tackled her and wrestled the statue out of her grip.


Take a look at this amazing statue.  I took as many cool pictures as I could of this piece.  I think Hard Hero is shaping up to be a force in the statue department.  If you haven’t seen any of there other pieces take a look at the Angel statue here – and seeing it in person is much more impressive – just like this piece here.  I would like for the pictures to do the talking but they can’t even begin to describe the detail and beauty of this 15 inch behemoth!  If you have this piece comsider yourself lucky.  There is a grey version that is limited to only 200 pieces (personally, I think that this sculpt doesn’t fit with the Grey Hulk) and an Artist proof statue limited to just 100 – but even the regualr statue is limited to only 1000 – and mine is #961.




Famous Battles Cards (1992)


These cards display some of Hulk’s more famous battles – such as Hulk vs. The Leader (my personal favorite) and Hulk vs. Himself.  Hulk vs. X-Factor – wait?  X-Factor?  Is X-Factor still around?  Was this really a famous battle?  Whatever… That’s even more skeptical than the last card FF vs. Secret Defenders.  Yeah, real secret, cause no one told me about it.

Hand Held Hulk Game (2007)

hand held game

As I was grocery shopping this week I came across this in the toy isle.  You can imagine that the rest of the shopping was done by my wife as I played this game, because batteries WERE included!  How cool is that?  Is it even cooler that the handles of the game are little Hulk hands?   Rhetorical question but I will answer it anyways! – Yes!