Hulk Maquette (2007)

hulk maquette 

This is the largest Maquette that Diamond Select has released – and even though that is true – it’s one of the smaller Hulk statues released this year standing a quaint 9 inches tall.  Scuplted by Gabriel Marquez, the face looks a whole lot better in person, although why does it seem like he’s auditioning for a Crest commercial? 


This piece is limited to 3,000 and mine is 628.  The Marvel Select Hulk coming out in March is designed after this Hulk – and I know some people are bummed that yet another Hulk figure is coming out on the Marvel Select line – but I say – the more Hulks the better.  


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10 thoughts on “Hulk Maquette (2007)

  1. I’m french,I buy this statue 5 days ago,and it is limited to 3000 pieces only,not 5000,and mine is 1534,it is writing under the socle!You have a Great collection!!!

  2. You are totally right and the numbers I posted were for a different statue – thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    It is now fixed in the post.

  3. I found this statue when I’m looking for the comic book”the incredible Hulk and the Thing” by Jim Starlin and Berni Wrightson publishing in 1988 that I bought when I’m 13 years old and lost after!Sorry for my english!Do you know this comic,if you can found it,do not hesitate to buy it?It is so cool!I love this diamond select statue and I’m now looking for the Attakus Hulk,that you don’t like… 😉

  4. Hey,

    I gotta say fantastic collection you got here man.
    I was just wondering if by any chance if you could send me some reference pics of the The Hulk Maquette statue you have e.g. front view, side view, back and top view. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Im trying to replicate a fully CGI model on the computer using some new software i have, and i consider this to be the best reprensentation of the big green himself.

    Many Thanks

  5. I say thank God it is a figure under Marvel Select. Hasbro would just turn this work of deliciousness into a shallow sculpt/half painted nightmare. Long live Hulk and Marvel Select!

  6. If you have a pic of his back in normal lighting could you please send me one? i need reference for this 3d project i have for school, and I cant find a reference of hulks back….(im using his body as reference for this character im building and im already using your statue as his front and side view) u can reach me thru

  7. I love sooo much this Hulk maquette… that I bought ,,,11 of them ,,
    My friend think I am crazy… buying the same maquette. Hope to find here some Hulk Fan that will back me up.

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