My Trip to New England Comics, Norwood 12/28/07


I was slightly disappointed when I got to New England Comicsin Norwood last Friday.  Disappointed because half the books that were supposed to be there weren’t.  I was still able to pick up a bunch of back issues that I needed…

#164 (Trimpe)
#176 (Trimpe)
#201 (Buscema)
#217 (Buscema) cover by Jim Starlin
#224 (Buscema) Appearance by the Leader – amazing art in this one!
#230 (Mooney)
#234 (Buscema)

So I was happy with my take there.  I also caught a glimpse of the new Bowen Hulk Bust (Green version) – but did not buy it because I have one coming to me already – but man was it tempting.  The grey lead Hulk figure was there as well (have that on its way too!) and it looks real good.  When I get these I will post them.

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