Marvel Legends – The Tally (so far…)


I have seen many of complaints on message boards that insinuate there are way too many Hulk figures being produced these days… Every time they announce new Hulk figures people complain that there are already Hulk figures and that they’d like to see other secondary character figures claim the spotlight.  (By the way – the pic is of a never released Hulk figure from the Fantastic Four animated series line) In some small way – I do agree – but not in the way you might think – we’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s look at the tally:

1) Series 1:
1) Hulk (articulated hands)
2) Hulk (rubber hands)
3) Hulk (Gold Foil Poster)
4) Hulk (Silver Foil Poster)

2) Series 2:
5) Hulk (White Shirt)

3) Series 9:
6) 1st Appearance Hulk (Grey)
7) 1st Appearance Hulk (Green)

4) Series 12:
8) Maestro (Future Hulk)

5) Series 1: (Hasbro)
9) Planet Hulk (Silver Arm)
10) Planet Hulk (Green Arm)

6) Boxed Sets:
11) House of M – Hulk

7) Face Off 2-Packs:
12) Hulk vs. Leader (Classic)
13) Hulk vs. Leader (Modern)

8) Icons:
14) Hulk (Green)
15) Hulk (Grey)

9) Marvel Legends Showdown:
16) Hulk vs. Wolverine 2-pack

Notice that I did not include the Hulk classics line (which is technically not a Marvel Legends series – I also did not include the Hulking figure included in the Young Avengers box set. I did not include any of the She-Hulk figures, nor any of the Hulk villains that they have released – just strictly the Hulk figures (and yes, Maestro is the Hulk so he is included) Which brings the tally to 9 different figures with 16 different variants! The only other Marvel Character that has that many figures dedicated to them is Wolverine (a honorable mention goes to Spiderman with 5 figures and 7 variants and Iron Man with 8 figures and 12 variants!)

So like I said before – I do agree in some small way that there are too many Hulk figures – but only in the respect that they could have released more of the Hulk’s secondary line-up.  Where’s the Rick Jones figure – and Captain Marvel doesn’t count – Where’s the “Thunderbolt” Ross figure?  Or how about a Betty Banner figure?  or a Marlo Thomas figure?  We had to wait for a 2-pack to get a decent Leader figure?  Granted they did give us a great Abomination, and Wendigo, and Sasquatch – but where’s great characters like Speed-freak (that would be the best figure ever!) or Glorian?  How about Man-Bull?  Could you imagine a Man-Bull character?  I wonder if they’d dedicate a figure to a villain that appeared once in the comics. 

I’d like to see Hasbro take on some of the more obscure characters as well – But for now they are sticking to the heavy-hitters and there will be more Hulk figures on the way.  There is a Marvel Legends Hulk Line slated for 2008 as well as the Hulk Movie figures that will come out.  With lots more scheduled.  I can’t wait!

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12 thoughts on “Marvel Legends – The Tally (so far…)

  1. Here’s something I noticed.:) Don’t you have the ML11 Hulkbuster Iron Man which is used when Iron Man fights against Hulk? Or if you think that one doesn’t have too much thing to do with your Hulk collection?

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that stupid thing. But some people told me that I should get that Hulkbuster Iron Man figure ’cause he had fought Hulk and had been his enemy. Some also told me that I should get the Spider-Hulk figure ’cause he’s a half-Hulk.

  3. Nonsense! That wasn’t a stupid thing to say…
    If you like the Iron Man figure then by all means pick it up! I didn’t really feel like getting it – I have to make the cut somewhere.
    Otherwise, if I collected every character that the Hulk has battled with – I’d have to pick up the entire Marvel Universe!
    By the way, I do have the Spider-Hulk figure. 🙂

  4. I just picked up a loose HOM Hulk, and the paint and sculpt on it is extremely awesome! It also goes with great articulations. 🙂 But excuse me, speaking of it articulations, I’d like to ask a question of you. Does this figure bend at its torso? I had tried hard to bend it, but it still didn’t seem to move any little.

  5. Sorry Paul – believe it or not I don’t know. I have yet to aquire this figure. I’ll let you know when I can though…

  6. Sorry I thought you have already had that figure cuz it is on the list. 😛
    Well, how about the Gamma Punch Hulk? Does it bend? HOM Hulk uses the same body as that one. Thank you. 🙂

  7. I do have that figure – but it is still in the package – I don’t have an open one. Not much help with this, sorry 😦

    1. At the risk of sounding uninformed what Hulk figure is that in the pic at the top? My brother is very big in to comics especially the Hulk and I would love to get it for him if possible

  8. It says above:

    (By the way – the pic is of a never released Hulk figure from the Fantastic Four animated series line)

    I would love to get my hands on one someday – it freakin’ rocks!

    1. Oh ok thank you. It is very unfortunate they never released because it looks amazing. I guess that’s the reason I haven’t seen it in my brothers collection. Thank you

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