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Marvel Superheroes (1991)


I finally got this figure on the original card – with the cool boulder that Hulk can throw or… roll – this is courtesy of my friend Corry who found it in the pile’o’stuff he has and just gave it to me out of the kindness of his heart.  That or his complete and utter lack of interest in the Hulk forced his hand in giving me this figure.  Either way – I thank you!  Figures sure have come a long way since the 90’s, huh?

Bowen Doc Samson Bust (2005)


I admit – this isn’t the Hulk – and I actually don’t have many things with the Hulk’s supporting cast, but this bust of Doc Samson was done really well (well, of course, it is a Bowen creation after all) and it was marked down… a lot.  I do like the way this bust looks and have seen other busts of Hulk’s supporting cast , including Wendigo and Sasquatch and the very well done Abomination – but I haven’t picked up any others.  Maybe when I am satisfied with the amount of Hulk stuff I’ve accumalated then I will go back and collect his supporting cast.  Except for the Leader – I will get anything the Leader as well, because he’s the bomb! 


Mini-Hulk Piggy Bank


Doc Pork Bacon

Belted by Gamma Rays

Turns into the Hulk-Pig

Ain’t He Un-glamorace?

Crushing the Town

With the Power of a Bull

Ain’t no Monster Pig

Who is That Love-able?

The Ever-Lovin’ Hulk-Pig!