Daily Archives: January 2, 2008

Incredible Hulk #106, 126, 134


Look at how nice these comics are.  These back issues were given to me for Christmas by my friend Corry.  Each of these issues were done by Herb Trimpe and #126 has the first appearence of Barbara Norris who later turns into Valkyrie and a villan called Night Crawler (no, not that one).  Issue #134 is the first Sal Buscema on Hulk (as Inker to Trimpe’s pencil’s).  Thank you Corry, this is the second best present I got.  Is that still a compliment if I say it’s the second best?  Sure it is!  I got like 6 presents this year!  That’s at least in the top 25% of presents I got – you should be proud!

But seriously, these are some of the best looking vintage comics I own, so thanks.

2008 Hulk Video Games!!!


There is an announcement on this site here about the new games coming out based on the The Hulk, Thor and Captian America comics.  The pic above is from the Ulitmate Destruction Game that was released in 2005.

Marvel Character Cars (2002)


The Hulk truck in the little sweet boxed set has the cover to Hulk #393.  I think – I’m trying to do this from memory.  If I’m wrong I will fix it later – and no one will ever know the difference.  It’s like I can alter history or something!  Like the oil companies do with High School text books!  The power is over whelming!  By the way – Red Hulk is due out tomorrow – I will post my review after I read it.  Hope I hear lots of feedback form it.  Until then – look at the pretty truck!