Daily Archives: January 3, 2008

Oh Thank Goodness…

Thank goodness they decided to go with a muscular green guy other than the hair monster from the Looney Tunes cartoons.  In 1961 Marvel created these comics with a creature called “The Hulk”.  Other great names were used for monsters in this title as well like Thor and Cyclops – check the this blog for more early Marvel fun.

Marvel Masterworks (2003)


This Marvel Masterworks is the Second Edition First Printing of the first 6 issues of the Hulk in the original full-color pages.  This printing is limited to 620 copies and includes an introduction by Stan Lee.  Not that that is all that impressive.  Stan Lee would probably do an introduction to my third-grade book report if I payed him enough.  And by enough I mean buying him a burger from Johnny Rockets would probably cover it. 

I’m just kidding really, I don’t mean to demean what Lee and Kirby did in the early days of Marvel.  Actually, all the really classic and monumental themes that stayed true over the years of the Hulk were introduced in these first 6 issues.  As well as, Hulk’s thunder-clap and amazing jumping abilities.  Also, Rick Jones, Betty Ross and Thunderbolt Ross were all introduced.  They even explain, in issue #3, how the Hulk’s transformations are no longer limited to night. (The Hulk, for the first 2 issues was triggered by the Sunset and Sunrise)  I just wish that they had taken a little time to explain why he was grey in the first issue and green in the second.  I know the real reason was a printing decision but I think it would’ve been great if they had some sort of explanation – or at least someone should’ve mentioned it.  His color change is completely ignored in the second issue like he was the head cheerleader who was deflowered by the quarterback and everyone knew it – but no one wanted to be the first to say it – so everyone just went on like everything was normal and nothing had changed.