Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

My back issue quest continues…


Trying to own every Incredible Hulk issue is not an easy task.  Luckily, I am still not close to owning them all which makes back issues I need fairly easy to find.  I try my best to pick up key issues when I find a great deal here and there – but a lot of the more affordable earlier issues aren’t as easy to find

Chris’ Comics in Marshfield has a nice supply of back issues and every time I am in the area I pick up a bit more.  Like I did on 1/3/08.  I was able to find:

#146 (Trimpe) – Leader, Jim Wilson, Thunderblot Ross Appearance
#189 (Trimpe) – Mole Man Appears
#203 (Buscema) – Jarella Appearance – also, Psyklop (very cool looking)

Then, on a trip to Hopkinton, MA on 1/5/08, I stopped by Framingham and found a few more back issues that I needed at Rubber Chicken Comics. Although their Hulk back issue bin isn’t nearly as impressive as Chris’ Comics it still a a nice amount of needed comics from the 200’s:

#210 (Buscema) – Cover by Ernie Chan
#243 (Buscema) – Talbot Appearance
#249 (Ditko) – vs. Jack Frost (seriously)
#288 (Buscema) – Cover by Al Milgrom – Appearance by MODUK, Abomination


While I was concentrating more on getting al of the 100’s first, I will take what I can get when I’m in a certain area or near a certain store. I know of a lot of comic shops but if anyone knows of any others in MA that are close to the South Shore or even near the surrounding Boston area – let me know – thanks

– Ratchet