Daily Archives: January 9, 2008

Someone’s Lucky Day…


This is the oppurtunity for someone – who is not me – to own almost an entire run of Hulk comics!  I don’t post for other people very often – but this is a great oppurtunity for most Hulk fans that don’t have a large collection of back issues.  On ebay, right now, is a lot of 308 Hulk back issues!  From 102 – 400!  Not including a few #’s like 103, 112, 120, 150, and 181 (first Wolverine)  Take a look for yourself – I have too many of these issues for it to be worth it for me to partake in this auction (boy do I wish I had an opportunity like this when I was younger) but I thought it was still worth mentioning to anyone out there who is on a quest like me.  Click on the picture for the link. Good Luck!

UPDATE: This auction is now over – it went for an impressive $1,225.20.  Nice.