Hard Hero Hulk Statue (Grey Version)(2007)


This statue is limited to just 200.  This one is #37.  As I said when I posted the green version of this statue, the Grey Hulk just doesn’t fit with this sculpt.  Maybe that’s why they only made 200.  That means that it is one of the rarest Hulk statues out there.  Still, the only reason I have it is because I got an amazingly great deal for it – and yes, I will probably try to sell it to buy some other Hulk products that are in the right color in the right sculpt. 


If anyone’s interested – make an offer – see if I bite.  Send offers to greyfixit@live.com – and send real offers – not offers like “I’ll wash your car for an entire month if you let me have it!”  Just cause I fell for that once doesn’t mean I’ll fall for it again!


It’s really not a bad statue at all.  It tops out at about 15″ and the painting of this statue is even slightly different.  You can see ripped shirt around the waist on the grey version here, where on the green, there is no shirt to speak of.

UPDATE:  This statue just sold on ebay.  It will be going to a nice home where it can play with other statues and he happier.  I, on the other hand, will purchase alot more Hulk stuff with the sale of this item!  Yes!

7 responses to “Hard Hero Hulk Statue (Grey Version)(2007)

  1. I have a Hard Hero Gray Hulk AP #6 for Sale

  2. I’m looking for a gray one…

  3. They are pretty hard to come by – but be patient. I will post any that I see for sale. I sold mine to a guy in Canada – and he was VERY happy. My opinion of this version has not changed…

  4. Hulk_Smashing!(aka Hulk-man)

    NOOOOO!!!! You should have sold it to me!!!!

  5. Sorry brother – you got to be a bit quicker! 🙂

  6. If you are looking for a hard hero gray hulk AP go to dinstoys.com

  7. That’s not a bad price either…

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