Dynamic Forces Gray Hulk Bust (2003)


This leaning Hulk bust came out in 2003.  His pecs seem to be shrinking.  The sculpt is a unique look at the Hulk – can’t say it’s the best – but it isn’t terrible.  Why is his shirt poking up like that though? 


The bust is limited to just 1,963 (again, he came out in 1962 – so why 1963?) and this is #1,954.  They even spell grey the “other” way.  There is a very limited green version – but I almost never got this version so I highly doubt I will ever pick that up.  It actually looks a lot better in person.  The facial expression can’t be beat.


9 responses to “Dynamic Forces Gray Hulk Bust (2003)

  1. that thing is awesome

  2. You really think so?
    How do you think it rates compared to other busts you’ve seen?

  3. The Incredible(or Incredulous) Hulk-Man

    hahaha… shrinking pecs

  4. The Incredible(or Incredulous) Hulk-Man

    and most hulk writers spell grey with an “A”

  5. So most of them spell it with an “a”. It’s really not the point.

  6. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    well it’s just you get so angry….

  7. Not really – I just have a preference and make a joke out of it.

  8. I purchased one of these busts, but when I opened it I had received the green version instead.

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