It’s starting already…


Since I was working in Walpole today I stopped by New England Comics in Norwood again today to pick up a few more back issues.  To my utter disappointment, I picked up exactly 4 because that’s all they had that I needed.  The comic shops around me are starting to run out of back issues I need.  That means I will either have to travel a lot further or start relying solely on ebay.  God, I don’t want to do that.  I did manage to pick up…

#207 (Buscema) – Dave Cockrum Cover
#236 (Buscema) – Milgrom Cover
#271 (Buscema) – Milgrom Cover
#295 (Buscema) – Sienkiewicz Cover

That leaves roughly about 132 comics that I need to finish off this Hulk run.  Not bad – I’m not getting frustrated yet… I’m not lying to myself… I’m not talking to myself, hugging myself and rocking in the corner right now… really…

4 responses to “It’s starting already…

  1. Hope you find the comics you need.

  2. Thanks – I will. It will just take a little time

  3. I added your site to my best of post today. It’s actually #1. Check it out.

  4. Can’t beat #1! That’s the second best thing I’ve ever seen! I say second because I once actually witnessed a sorority pillow fight.

    It was awesome.

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