Daily Archives: January 17, 2008

It was Fate…


Today’s haul at New England Comics was great – totally made up for the disappointing trip I had in Norwood.  As I was scouring the back issue bin the guy from behind the counter walked up to me and whispered (seriously, he whispered) “Hey I just got some back issues in.  I already sold 181 and 182…”  Damn-it!  Of course he did! “…but I got a few goodies behind the register if you’re interested.”  I told him I was and he pulled out… a great selection of late 100’s that I needed.  Today’s stash is as follows:


I told you, today was a great day! And I’m down to needing just 118 back issues! Woo-Hoo!

Comics Buyer’s Guide is Hulk-tastic!


This month the Comic Buyer’s Guide (#1639) features the Green and Red Hulk on its cover with some nice tidbits on the inside as well.  There is a small article titled “Running in the Red” that has the current Hulk and Hercules creators talking about what the new story lines are promising to bring.  Pakk says in the article that the 3rd part to his “trilogy” is supposed to be Skkar: Son of Hulk.  That was a little disappointing to hear since I’m still not convinced Skkar isn’t going to suck.  That’s the most I’ve been upset about how a trilogy has ended since the Matrix. 

Also, they have a feature called 10 Favorite Covers and it’s Mark Paniccia – Editor to the Hulk comics – displaying his favorite Hulk covers.  Even though I felt his list was a bit too safe it’s still fun to read.

And lastly, Peter David writes a column at the end and this month he discus’s the many rumors of the things he hates from Todd McFarlane to the fans in general.  It was really interesting.  This alone was worth the book.

It’s out now – pick it up!

Treasury Edition #5 – The Hulk (1975)


This should really be with the Huge comics I found.  This reprints a lot of the old stories in a huge comic – the Origin of the Hulk is reprinted with the Hulk colored Green.  Found this today at New England Comics in Brockton – the cover is by John Romita.  Classic Hulk.  Just great.